Filters for downloaded data

Is there a way to know which filters were applied in the downloaded data?

For example, we have monthly sales data:
Month | Plant | Customer |Sales | Profit
Jan 22 | 001 | A | $1000 | $100
Jan 22 | 002 | A | $3000 | $200

There is a chart on a dashboard to show sales, profit and profit margin by customer
Customer | Sales | Profit | Profit % (Profit/Sales)
A | $xxxxx | $ yyy | zz%

We then use the filters on the dashboards to filter by month / plant / customer(s) etc,
then download the data in Excel for other working.
We will end up with many Excel files with similar names query_result...,
but do not know which Excel files is for which filters.

If we add the columns month / plant etc to the question (group by columns), then the chart and the tooltip will show incorrect result for values like profit %.

Hi @xxx123
There's a request for that: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post