Finding process responsible for queries

Hello there,

I am trying to find the root cause of some queries that are heavily impacting our db.

For context, we have many views in our db that are not materialized (meaning each query on these views take quite some time). All those views are marked as hidden in the Data Model panel, however.

We are seeing in our db many queries coming from Metabase, which all follow the same pattern:

SELECT * FROM {{my_view}} LIMIT 1

My initial guess was that the sync-tables process was responsible for these queries, but after having a quick look at the code, hidden tables are supposed to be excluded from the sync-table process (at least from what I understood).

Does it ring a bell to anyone ? How would you approach the task of finding which process generate those queries ?

Thanks a ton

Hi @veltin
Upgrade to 0.37.2:

Thanks for your answer ! We just did, we’ll monitor and let you know, but thanks already