Fitered by

i am able to see tables but i can’t use filtered by or group by can anyone tell me what does that mean ? i am unable to figure out the pobleme , a appreciate that help

I assume you use the query builder? I think filtered by and grouped by only works when you don´t use “raw data” in the “view” section but for example count of rows. Raw data only give you the table you chose and therefore you can´t filter or group those data.
Let me know if it worked or if you mean something else!

thank you for the reply, i’m not using the query builder, actually i did deploy metabase on cloud foundry with a composr for postegres database, metabase works fine but when i click on “new question” i can see the data but for some reason filter by and group by are desactivated ,

Oh, ok then I can´t help you there as I don´t use that setting! Hope you get it sorted and find someone who can be of help!

What type of database are you trying to query, and what is your web browser and operating system?

i’m on cloud foundry and i’m using compose for postgres database , my web browser is google chrome