Foreign keys in a snowflake schema


I have a fact table F, referencing a dim table A (Zipcode).
Dim table A (Zipcode) also references another dim table B (Country).

In Metabase Data Model part, i configured the foreign keys correctly.

When i "Ask a question" on fact table F i do see the dim table A in the list on the right (so i can group by Zipcodes), but i can not access to the table B (so i can not group by Country) ?

And i'd like to avoid denormalizing Countries in the Zipcodes.

What could i do to leverage this snowflake schema in Metabase ?
thank you

Hi @eozturk
You're asking for this: - upvote by clcking :+1: on the first post
That's currently not supported in Metabase - you would have to do it in the database.

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thanks :slight_smile: