Format not showing

Any idea why the format options aren't showing? I'm clicking settings -> data -> y-axis settings & the format options which are usually there are not showing.

I'm using metabase cloud

Hi @rjn
That should only happen for string-based fields. Not quite sure what's going on - my first guess is that it has something to do with the Field Type defined in Admin > Data Model.

hmm odd. its an aggregated field. but I will check that out

that worked! thanks!

@rjn It would be great to understand what you did. I'm guessing you have a field called "Custom Retention", which is a numeric column in the database, and the Field Type was perhaps set to Category or something like that? What did you change it to?

Correct! had two fields that had data types as category, which I changed to number. In doing so the numerical formatting options appeared. Thanks!