FormCollectionPicker dropdown direction

Hello, everyone.
Hope you are doing well.

Currently, I customized Metabase Open Source for client 's need and hosted built-version on Ubuntu.

The problem is:
When there are 10+ collections, collection picker drop downside sometimes.
Hence, user can't see all of collections. (First screenshot)

In Metabase 's cloud-hosting version, it always drop upside and even display scroll inside collections list.

But my picker show downside in many cases.
And scroll is never shown in Picker. Instead, scroll appears in entire body.

I didn't touched FormCollectionPicker source code.

Could you tell me what something wrong is ?
Looking forward to your kind consideration.

Best regards.

Hi @danchen327
Nothing wrong, but the direction changes depending on content size and the viewport size.

Thank you, @flamber.