French translation


We noticed that there are issues with translation in french.
As example in date/time filter when I filter with This year it is translated as "This année" instrad of "Cette année"
Also in some graphs, I have last year which is translated as "l'année dernier" instead of "l'année dernière"

I have checked the POEditor translation and strings are present, so I suspect that in the code the translation is done separatly last and the year instead of the full string 'last year'.

How to correct it ?
Many thanks,

Hi! it's probably one of the issues listed here Issues · metabase/metabase · GitHub


Thanks for the reply.
unhopefully for me I did not find the translation issue on the list you mentioned.

I will add a new one.


We have just noticed that this issue of translation appears only when the date/time filter chosen contains all options. If you take only relative date you do not have the issue.

thanks, have you added the issue on our tracker?


Yes I dit it : Translation issue in filters and graphical display · Issue #34942 · metabase/metabase · GitHub