Funnel chart titles duplicated


All the titles are duplicated on my funnel charts, they are not if I switch to a bar or pie chart.


Thank you.

Kayla Wilde

What version?

Wow! My first question and a response so quickly! Thanks!

Version v0.29.3
Built on 2018-05-12

Also, in bar chart form I get pretty colors but in funnel I get one color with different shades, is there any way to get the pretty colors??


I can reproduce the problem with the duplicated titles – also on v0.30.0-rc. So changed this thread to the #bug-reports category. Maybe a bug around here?

Also, as a workaround:

  1. Add the funnel chart to a dashboard
  2. Edit the dashboard :pencil2:, and click the top right :gear: settings icon on the funnel chart.
  3. Delete the text in the settings and save.
  4. Remember this thread once the bug gets fixed and your title disappears after an upgrade! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t seem that there’s an option for the colorful display anywhere in settings. So that would be an enhancement. There are already a number of color related requests (sorted by popularity) on GitHub you can :+1: vote for/comment on. Maybe #6300 comes close?

Also question is if we’re really after a :rainbow: striped funnel - or just the option to paint all of it differently?

Thank you so much. We are loving this product.

Do you know if the bug will be fixed in the next upgrade?

And I will check out the enhancement list in github.

Thanks again!!!

Just wanted to document here that the ‘i’ descriptions disappeared on my dashboard because I deleted the title, so I just put a space in the title so they would show up again in the dashboard