Generating new DB without spinner


I've been using Metabase for a while, great product!
Could you please advice whether it's possible in any way to generate a new connection in MB via API without initial sync (spinner)

We have a huge DataLakeHouse and when we add new users now, we had to execute custom code that dismisses the spinner - /api/database/{connection_id}/dismiss_spinner. It's working okay, but require additional account and creates some load on the MB at the moment user is created.

Was wondering whether it's possible not to have it by using some different API parameters or by changing DB in some way.

Thank you!

Hi, you should add the data lake and then dismiss the spinner all programmatically. There's no way of doing so in one shot

That what we do now. Any plans to have it as part of the API?

Nope, feel free to create a new feature request or a PR directly to add that functionality to the current endpoint