Generating question URL

I have done full-embedding of metabase on my app, i am trying to load the questions page with pre-filling the DB using the db-id. But when i encode the question parameters and pass it to the iframe, it load like the image below and i am not able to write any queries as well.
This is my payload: const payload = { dataset_query: { database: 1, native: { query: "", }, type: "native", }, display: "table", parameters: [], visualization_settings: {}, };

Once i hit the Learn your data, it fills the DB name and i am able to write queries after that.

Hi @Abbas
Please use the support email, when using the Pro/Enterprise.
You need to use a valid strict JSON object (you have too many trailing commas), and the payload has to be base64 encoded like so:


i do encode the JSON object and generate the URL that you have shown
It works well when i directly paste the URL on browser, but does not work through iframe