Github, Deep Copy, Cloning Dashboards and Underlying Tables

@bprillba Please create a ticket in the repo (including the error and Metabase version).
I'll look at it on the weekend. It may be a quick fix, or maybe something is broken because of the changes in new versions of Metabase.

hey @King_Edward and @Slickrock22

have you guys made any progress since the last post ~2yrs ago? I am running into the same use case, to copy dashboards and charts for different clients.

amazing feature BTW! thank you all for helping the community with that! :pray:

hey @King_Edward and @Slickrock22
Incidentally, I had the same problem.
How to copy the chart model or questions while cloning the dashboard?
Looking forward to your reply, thanks

@lucasmocellin @PatrickY
Metabase has added the dashboard deepcopy functionality in the UI for a while. When you "Duplicate" a dashboard, by default it does deepcopy (if you want a shallow copy, you need to check the box "Only duplicate the dashboard").

@King_Edward I want to copy the model of the chart. Currently copying the dashboard allows you to copy the chart, but you cannot copy the model of the chart.