Give to an User access only to 1 Saved Question

I know how to grant access to users trough Group … but I would like to grant access to a User to ONLY 1 Saved Question.
I have 100 Users that should get access only to a query where owner_of_project = user logged …that’s the reason
I know I can create 100 …groups …but if I find better solution …

Any Suggestion?


This feature exists in the Enterprise edition - it’s called Sandboxes:

There’s also an issue on this, but since it’s implemented in Enterprise, then I don’t know what will happen:

Another solution is to the create your own page using Embedding, where you control the login and what the user can see. That’s probably what you want to do, when it’s 100 users.

Ok … I got a temporary solution!

  1. I create the User with “no permission” on folders
  2. I create a question filtered by the user and saved in EACH personal Collection

In this way they can only see the question I saved for them.
I know is a bit tricky but …actually this is the best solution I have found!
thanks flamber for ur suggestions