Going back to table view

Hi there! When filtering a question by a column entity key, metabase default behaviour is to show the "card view" (not sure how is that called):

That is all fine. But, I want to be able to select more than 1 row, and view all of them at once. I'm using Sample database, and, there is what I want:

But, even with 3 select values, I'm still getting only the first one. If I click the "right" button, it will show the following record in the table, not the next record I asked for. What I wanted to see was just the usual table view, filtered for those IDs. That is very usual when I'm trying to find out which user is running a given query.

How can I achieve that?

To achieve that I guess you would have to modify the front-end code so the “card view” would also get the visualization type picker. (Have not been able to dig up exactly where that’s implemented)

Maybe it would even feel intuitive to add a navigate “up” button between the “right” and “left” buttons in the frontend code. It should then trigger the same action than switching to the table visualization from the visualization type picker.

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You’re spot on. Changing this topic to feature request.