Got issue from antivirus

anyone can help me ?

Hi @fiskandar
Make sure that there’s nothing bad injected between Metabase and your computer - use https instead of http.
Whitelist the URL and report the false positive to your antivirus.

how to check ?

Your screenshot shows that Metabase is only running http so logins are sent in the clear. If you have a local network with everyone there trusted you might just use http - if not you need https secured communication.

See under Using HTTPS with Metabase here for one way to set it up:

if this is all just a bunch of tech-speak to you you might want to speak to your local IT friend.

Since you’re using a reverse proxy, then you would not use Jetty for https, but whatever you’re using as proxy.
But given that you wrote that your mail server had been hacked a few weeks ago, I would highly recommend that you do a full audit of all your servers, change all passwords, and possibly reinstall your entire setup.