Granting Permissions

I am running metabase on elastic beanstalk and facing an issue where slack’s permissions cannot be saved. Any one else face this problem?

Hi @jgonzalez
Which version of Metabase?
I don’t see how this has anything to do with Slack - ?

It looks like someone else has a very similar problem, but this is about saving Permissions when using Postgres as backend - are you using Postgres as backend?

Latest. 32.9. Yes I believe I am using postgres.

But yes that is the same issue. Doesn’t seem like it’s been solved. @flamber

I guess I can switch to MySQL and hope that solves but postgres just so much better of a db

Given the amount of people running Metabase with Postgres backend, this problem would be reported much more often, so it must have something to do with the Postgres version or some other specific thing about your setup.
Check your Postgres log for any details that might help figuring out what the problem could be.
Does it make any difference which permissions you’re changing - meaning, does it fail on all or just specific database/table/group permissions?

Fails on allowing Slack Bot only.

I might not understand, since I don’t use Slack, but does the Slack Bot create a special group under Permissions?