Graph Timeline axis starts at 1970


I created a new question based on a query which performs a count per event date.

The query runs fine but when displaying the result on a line graph, the x-axis starts at 1970 instead of the first date returned by my query.

How can I resize/filter/ … so it shows the x-axis only for the relevant values?


What is column type in your database schema? What is marked as in the metadata editor in the admin section?

January 1, 1970 is the Unix timestamp epoch, so it sounds like something is getting interpreted as a timestamp that shouldn’t.

The data is coming from a query that I wrote in the editor. I didn’t use the GUI to select and filter my data.

When I display the data in a table, everything is fine but not if I select a graph.

date(eventtimestamp) AS eventdate,
count(*) AS AppCount
MeasureAppInteraction AS m

Can your eventtimestamp column be null? Calling date() with a null value might default to Jan 1? Not positive.

This timestamp cannot be null.

However I have just realised that a tester/joker has pushed a 1970 date in my live database.

Feel really silly for asking this stupid question in the first place. Now off to break someone’s fingers!!!

Sorry to have wasted your time …