Great tool - few questions though


just started using Metabase. It seems to be very easy to install and start using. I am impressed. However I have the following questions - can someone who is using metabase for a while maybe help answering those?

  1. Can we pass a report filter value through parameter in URL?
  2. Can I display report using IFRAME?
  3. Is it possible to integrate the tool into SSO (SAML)?
  4. Can we get the dashboards/reports out? By scheduled email or save as or something? Does it support report bursting - send person A1 report but filter on region R1 (report emailing can be driven by parameter)?

Thanks for help!



Hey there @ppetr82,

Thanks for checking out Metabase! I can hopefully answer a few of these for you.

  1. Dashboard wide filters are present in URLs but we don’t currently provide the same for reports. I’ve opened an issue for that here.
  2. Not currently, however we’re interested in trying to provide features like this so if you have requirements or thoughts about this feel free to chime in here
  3. We support SSO via Google at the moment but are interested in extending this to other options as well. (See for this.
  4. We allow you to send automated updates to Slack or via Email with our Pulses feature. See for more info.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Hi kdoh,

thanks a lot for your replies. We will be looking into metabase more closely in the following days/weeks.