GROUPED by Month but SORT only shows Days?

When I try to sort my table by month, days is the only option which causes an error. These dates are set as UNIX Timecode.

How can I properly sort rows by month?

Thanks in advance.

The grouping alone should be enough to sort by month (works for me). Am I missing something?

Hey Andrew, I need to sort by Month’s descending—it’s currently stuck in ascending with no way to reverse. I can click the small arrows next to the column title to manually reverse the order, but it’s only temporary and reverses back each refresh.

I had this working with a sort by hour descending. But when I made changes to the filters and groups, and had to re-apply the descending sort by hour, I can now only select by day.

Using Metabase 0.29.3.

Here is the related GitHub issue: