Groups are not visible in UI but available in database

Metabase version: 0.40.1

We were not aware about it until client mentioned that they are not able to see groups to assigned.

I am an administrator and i didn't find that in the list. But when i went into database, in permission groups i can see these groups but not on UI to assigned to given users

Hi @manish.joisar
Upgrade to latest release

You mean there were issues with 0.40.1 and fixed in later version?

@manish.joisar With the limited information you are providing, then I would guess you're seeing this:

Hello Flamber

Yes, it is the same.

Thanks for your quick answer

@manish.joisar A good rule - always check if you are using the latest release, if not, then make a backup and upgrade to see if that fixes your issue. Also read through the release notes between the version you are running and the newest release.

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