Having Issues login into my metabase

I was running Metabase on AWS lightsail, I migrated to AWS ECS and followed the Metabase documentation on the migration of the database. After migrating my database to Postgres on AWS, I can't login/ access Metabase again..I did forget the password but still didn't get any positive reply...What can I do please to solve this issue?


Hi @Emmanuel
I don't know how you migrated the Metabase application database (Postgres in your case), but it sounds like the problem might have been somewhere there.
Check your server logs on ECS.
Follow this guide to gain access, when you did not setup SMTP server:

I copied the backup to my local computer using (docker cp metabase:/metabase.db/metabase.db.mv.db ./) and then followed the metabase documentation(https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/operations-guide/migrating-from-h2.html#docker-how-to-migrate-from-h2-to-your-production-application-database)

Thank you, I'll check the link you just sent though

@Emmanuel But were you using H2 on Lightsail? It sounds like you might have restored the incorrect application database. It's hard to tell. You would need to check your logs on Lightsail.

I had postgres on my Lightsail server.

@Emmanuel If you were using Postgres on Lightsail, then you need to copy that Postgres database to the ECS server. There is absolutely no H2 database involved at all.

How do I reset my admin password without having access to login??

@Emmanuel Did you read the first link I posted? Which has this link: