Help me how to manage permissions across multiple collections

For example,
Collection A: Merge Table X (X company's data) and Table Y (Y company's data) to create Model Z (there are about 10 such models).
Collection X: Extract only X company's data from Model Z and create graphs for X company.
Collection Y: Extract only Y company's data from Model Z and create graphs for Y company.

If I want to perform these tasks and grant permissions to Collection X and Collection Y based on the respective companies, the permissions for each company should be assigned. However, in this case, I do not want to show Collection A to either X company or Y company. What kind of permission settings should be implemented in this case?

(Currently, permissions for X/Y companies are granted to Collection A, causing both X and Y companies to see each other's information. Removing permissions may result in SQL access errors for Collection X and Y.)


I think you may be interested in exploring data sandboxing which is available on Pro and Enterprise plans: