Help needed, model refresh cron not respecting statement_timeout

Hey guys, model refresh cron was erroring out with ' ERROR: canceling statement due to statement timeout' . I investigated and found out that the statement_timeout was set to 10 mins whereas the model refresh was taking longer than that.

So I set the statement_timeout on my metabase by amending the jdbc connector for my database. if I run 'show statement_timeout' it correctly tells me the right timeout of 20 mins (which is what I set). But the model refresh cron is still erroring out in 10 mins. It's almost that the statement_timeout is being ignored by this cron. Can someone please help me understand what's going on. Btw, I went into the postgres instance and confirmed that the statement_timeout there is set to 0 (essentially indefinite timeout)

can you fork Metabase, remove the timeout and try again?

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