Hi,metabase support hive ? how to configure?

hi,metabase support hive ? how to configure ?


I would need thius feature too.

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can we develop the plugin for hive by ourself?

As far as I can understand, Hive is supported via SparkSQL, which can be implemented with this guide:

If not, then go and vote on the Hive issue:


Hey flamber
thx for your suggestion!
But unfortunately, this SparkSQL driver doesn’t work with my hiveserver.
I found that only jdbc:hive but not jdbc:hive2 would be worked.
so maybe the root cause is “org.apache.hive.jdbc”, how can i use “org.apache.hadoop.hive.jdbc” instead?
any idea of this?

I’ve never used Spark, but have you seen this thread?

yep ,
i have seen many of these discussions and issue on github,
but never have the solution for supporting the jdbc://hive(not 2),
so if there can be rebuilded of SparkSQL driver with org.apache.hadoop.hive,
maybe we can solve this problem:joy: