HIde category filter in embedded dashboard

Hello All,

Need some advice on embedded dashboards.

I am trying to access dashboard which having a customer category filter.

Data is correctly filtered based on the input, but user can see the filter box. which I want to hide.
We are calling using Javascript+JAVA

Please help!!

Make sure the parameter is set to disabled:

I tried same, but it still showing filter in the 0.32.2 version. In preview its disabled, but when accessing via iframe its showing up.

Sorry, it should be Locked, not Disabled.
My embedded stuff is still on 0.31, so can’t check to see if there’s a new problem

I tried again, its not working, can someone comment on 0.32 version

I think the problem is that you’re trying to use public dashboard instead of embedded dashboard.
Your link is /public/dashboard/UUID?filter=value, so that’s just a regular public dashboard, which currently doesn’t allow any customization.
You should look at embedding to have more control of functionality and looks.

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