Histogram - colum and pop up

Hi everyone,

On the histogram, when the mouse is over a column you get a pop up which display the values of your “select”
However, sometimes I get all the values and sometimes I don’t.

For exemple, here is my request :
select process, nb_pages, left_to_treat, time_limit from myTable;

For the y-axe I choose nb_pages
For the x-axe I choose process and time_limite

When my mouse is over some columns I have a pop up which display the values for
process, nb_pages, left_to_treat_ and time_limite but I have a lot of colums which don’t display all the variable. Sometimes it doesn’t display the left_to_treat value …

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Livier
Which version of Metabase? And which browser and version?
When you say “histogram”, do you mean Bar charts?
Can you show when it works and doesn’t work with screenshots? Or can you reproduce your issue with the Sample Dataset?

Hi Flamber,

Thanks for your answer.
I’m using metabase v0.31.2 and firefox 66.0.3 or chrome Version 74.0.3729.157
I’m sorry for my english. I guess it’s actualy bar charts
Here are the screenshots :
When it works


When it doesn’t work

It’s on the same bar charts

As you can see, on the first screenshots I get the “Délai”, “Processus”, “Nb Pages” and “Charge Travail en H” and on the second one I don’t get the “Charge Travail en H”

Thanks for your help

Okay, from the screenshots, it looks like you’re using Stacked Bars.
I’m not sure, but I think you might be seeing #8685.
I haven’t been able to reproduce this with Sample Dataset - if you can, then please post steps to reproduce.

Thank you for your answer.
It seems like I have to upgrade the application in 0.32.
I’ll give it a try.
I’ve deleted the sample Dataset. Is there a way to reinstall it ? so I can try to reproduce my problem

I upgrade to v0.32.8 but the problem is worst :slightly_frowning_face:

It displays twice in the tooltip :

Or it doesn’t display at all

For the yellow collumns the “Charge Travail en H” value doesn’t display at all but all the others columns display the value “Délai” twice in the tooltip