Hourly successive pulse reports not filtering properly

Hi Metabase folks,

This is on v3.3 but i see it on pvs versions as well.
I have six pulse reports with identical filter setup to broadcast 1ea on the hour. The first and second ones at 1PM and 4PM broadcast successfully, but the following ones at 5PM, 6PM, 7PM and 8PM broadcast with zero values in the single number that should be sent (sales number for the day, cumulatively by hour). As unlikely as this sounds I have checked it repeatedly. the filter is quite simple, sum orders_total of today. I know my filter is setup correctly.


Hi @crwheelr
There’s no v3.3, but there’s several test versions of 0.33.0 - like preview, preview2, RC1. Which version are you using?
Are you receiving emails at 5PM-8PM?
My first guess is that it’s related to timezones, but if you manually run the question at (let’s say 5.05PM) do you get the correct result?

Hi @flamber,

version is the 0.33.0 although i have seen this behavior in earlier versions
running the tally question after 4PM is giving a result of zero. I would double check that today at 4, then 4.05, then 5:00. this one is super weird.
Time stamp for query is date:time ascii format. database is sqlite.