Hover-show, mouseout-hide menu

Merry Christmas, everyone.
Sorry for bothering you with this post.

My client want a custom menu on top navbar.
I made it using select control.


Current menu behaviour:

  • Menu opens by clicking
  • Menu hides only after clicking outside of menu.

But client wants (only for "companies" menu):

  • Menu opens by mouseover (hover)
  • Menu hides by mouseout

I checked many pages on Metabase but I could not find similar menu control.
Anyone who knows similar teach me please.

Looking forward to your kind consideration.
Best regards.

Hi @danchen327
There isn't such component in Metabase, so you would have to built it yourself or add some manual triggers on mouse over/out. The closes is the tooltip component, but it doesn't have all the other things you want, so you'll probably want to stay with Select.

Thank you, @flamber.
Merry Christmas.