How access the send parameter to filter dash?

Is there a way to access to the parameter sent to the metabase when the user clicks on some part of the dashboard? I need it to persist filter when my client change pages. I am using iframe (React) to render the dashboards on browser.

Hi @jafetguerra
The Enterprise Edition has the ability to get URL parameters from the iframe via postMessage:

I understand. Does the starter edition has it too? I am a health tech startup in Brazil, it is literally impossible to pay 15k dolar per year in the stage I am right now =(. It would make a huge difference in my product.

@jafetguerra You would have to create listeners on the iframe, which checks the src attribute, so you can get the parameters.

Humm, but to do that I would have to be in enterprise edition, correct?

@jafetguerra No, your page controls the iframe, so you can see and change the src-attribute. That's basic HTML+JS and doesn't involve postMessage, but as such, it will be basic and you would have to write a listener that reads the attribute.

What i am trying to do is to know in which part of the dashboard I clicked (filtered) so I could show, to my clients, what they are looking at (a badge with the filter). I listened iframe src and it doesnt change when someone click in a dashboard. Is it right? It appear to being filtered inside metabase without changing the src propertie

@jafetguerra Try checking iframe.contentWindow - if that doesn't give you the information, then it's probably only available via postMessage.

Got it. And if it is available only in postMessage, I would have to get permission from Metabase (Enterprise), correct?

@jafetguerra Yes, postMessage is currently only available in Enterprise Edition.

When I try access with iframe.contentWindow, it give me an error: Blocked a frame with origin "http://localhost:3000" from accessing a cross-origin frame. It means that Metabase is blocking me or there is something that I can do about it?

@jafetguerra That's protection from CSP headers, which only allows the same domain to access the iframe. Try searching the forum and internet, since it's really not specific to Metabase. There are some posts on how to modify CSP headers.

I'am sorry but could you tell some totorial (also the programming script) of it?, I actually don't understand how to implement the solution here