How can I change the base directory for Metabase?

TL;DR version:

I am running the jar file version of Metabase and would like it to use rather than

Long version:
I want to use Apache’s mod_proxy to access Metabase as one of several apps on the system. I have other apps that work as,, etc. I’ve configured mod_proxy via the ProxyPass directives, but there is some flakiness to it. The reason has to do with Metabase being the root app. The various links refer to /api, /app, /dash, etc. I would like to set it so that they will refer instead to /metabase/api /metabase/app, /metabase/dash, etc. My proxy config for Metabase so far looks like

<Location /metabase>
ProxyPass myurl:3000
ProxyPassReverse myurl:3000

<Location /app>
ProxyPass myurl:3000/app
ProxyPassReverse myurl:3000/app

<Location /api>
ProxyPass myurl:3000/api
ProxyPassReverse myurl:3000/api

<Location /auth>
ProxyPass myurl:3000/auth
ProxyPassReverse myurl:3000/auth

<Location /q>
ProxyPass myurl:3000/q
ProxyPassReverse myurl:3000/q

<Location /dash>
ProxyPass myurl:3000/dash
ProxyPassReverse myurl:3000/dash

<Location /setup>
ProxyPass myurl:3000/setup
ProxyPassReverse myurl:3000/setup

The tags didn’t come through. Each of the ProxyPass statements is in a Location tag for the same folder name.

Metabase doesn’t support that currently.

See the discussion at

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@tom has updated issue 2090 pointing to a discussion ou using react-router. I couldn’t figure out how this applies to metabase.

Can anyone clarify this a bit?

I am trying the same thing, but using nginx I can parse and replace strings in any content served by metabase.


I am also finding it difficult to follow what is needed to be done so that MetaBase can be run from a sub directory / folder e.g. /metabase or /mb

The discussion in suggests people have managed it, but please could someone add the example steps to the documentation for each of the install methods. Jar file, docker, mac os, nginx etc


You’re replying to a thread that is three years old. You should probably have created a new thread.

If you read the last comment on issue #2090, then you’ll see there’s a bug in the latest release of Metabase (0.33.4), which causes non-root proxying to not work. It will be fixed in 0.33.5

There are many ways doing the configuration for a reverse-proxy (and many different types of software), which is why there isn’t a guide for that.
Since I don’t know which web server you’re planning to use, then I cannot even give you a direct link, but try searching the internet for something like “nginx reverse proxy”