How can I give feedback on .33 Beta?

I have been using the .33 beta version of Metabase. I have quite a few thoughts on it. I am wondering where I can share this feedback.

If the feedback contains sensitive information, message me privately.

Otherwise, feel free to post it here.

Awesome, thanks!

  1. The “Ask A Question” button should not be removed. To me, it seems that the “browse data” and “write SQL” buttons are far less relevant to the average user-- based on Metabase’s stated purpose. The “New Custom Question” option under the plus sign seems way too tucked away. I’d say that you should at least keep the “Ask A Question” button, even if it is alongside the other two (browse data and write sql) buttons.

  2. The Query builder interface. The current Metabase query builder is very intuitive and easy to use. I think Metabase should keep that query builder; with the added filters, aggregations, and grouped by’s added as new rows below the primary row of the query builder (with the join feature incorporated in that first row, if selected; maybe it could use up part of the “group by” space).
    At the very least, maybe there could be an option to use the more in-depth query builder (or maybe it automatically switches to it upon activating the “join” option or adding an aggregation or filter).

  3. This one may be a bit more obscure… But it is disappointing that although the Metabase team were able to figure out a join feature (which works fantastically, by the way), there is still no way to do the equivalent to an SQL “OR” clause. To me this seems like a fundamental concept which should be incorporated in Metabase. I’m using a database of students, and often times a report is required that uses an OR, i.e. “Show me all students who are either special ed OR Homeless.” As of now, I can only get students who are both special ed AND homeless… Otherwise I have to separate a report like this into two query’s and combine them in an excel spreadsheet. Even though this might not always be too significant of an inconvenience, it seems that OR should be a primary focus of Metabase to incorporate into the query builder.

Those are my 3 main pieces of feedback. I hope they are received well. If anything, I can foresee push-back on my second point, which I’m totally open to. The other two I would hold pretty firmly to. Thanks!


Thanks a lot for the feedback, Blake.

  1. We’ve been actively reworking the top navigation, and our current thinking aligns with your thoughts. Browse Data will remain, alongside the Ask a Question button, which will present the user to start with either a simple question (summarizing or filtering in the “View” mode), a Custom question (i.e. the notebook), or a SQL question (for those who have SQL editor access).

  2. We know folks have a lot of attachment to the old query builder, but one of the primary reasons we took on this project was because the old query builder’s structure simply didn’t easily allow for us to add on the kinds of powerful features that we know the product needs. It was also quite easy to break it if you had more than even a few filters, metrics, and breakouts selected. We explored many (many!) ways of approaching this problem, and ultimately have landed on the idea of breaking up the query builder into a simple mode and a more advanced mode. Another big advantage of this is that it frees up a ton of space for your actual visualizations and tables — there’s no more always-present query builder bar taking up space. If you’ve had any specific challenges in using either the simple mode or the notebook mode, we’d love to hear about them.

  3. Glad you’re liking the joins feature! Regarding ORs, in my mind those will be part of a follow-on to the notebook mode. We’ve struggled in the past to find a way to get ORs into the previous query builder in an elegant way, especially when having to take things like drill-through behavior into account. One of the goals of the notebook/advanced query builder design was to give ourselves more real estate to allow for things like this, though. We’re not 100% what form the solution is going to take, but one strong candidate is to allow for typed filter expressions, so that you can do more intricate filtering with parentheses and a combination of ANDs and ORs. (Incidentally, one thing that might not be obvious in the current query builder is that when you select multiple options for a categorical filter, those are actually “ORed.” So e.g. if you select Products and filter on the Category column and pick Widget and Gizmo, you’ll see all Widget and Gizmo products.)

Thank you for the response! Everything you mentioned makes perfect sense.

Yes, I have noticed there is some OR capability, namely selecting multiple criteria for one field. Glad to hear that there is more up and coming at some point!

Thanks again.

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