How can we get multiple variable passed in dashboard

How can we get multiple variable passed in dashboard and all questions are modified with the provided value. Kindly help here to achieve same.

I have created Dashboard using multiple graphs which is based on provided variable query.
In dashboard user should have option to provide the variable and refresh results of all the graphs as per provided variable.
Right now we have only option to modify question but not through dashboard.

Hi @nidanaz
Which version of Metabase?
I’m not sure what you’re having problems with, but it sounds like that you cannot connect dashboard filters to some cards(questions)?

Hi @flamber
version v0.33.3.
From dashboard directly I want to pass query variable.

Question is "select * from table where release={variable} "
From dashboard I don’t have option to pass this as variable.
I need to click on edit question then change the variable.
I have 4-5 cards. once I edit release variable value it should pass to all questions and query it for same release which is passed.
I hope my problem is clear??

Okay, that sounds like you want to set a fixed card variable defined on the dashboard? If yes, then upvote this issue by clicking :+1: