How do I update on centos 7

I an running custom install 0.28.4 on centos 7. How do I update to Metabase 0.28.5?

Hey, assuming you’re running the jar, you’d want to end the current java process serving Metabase, download the new version to the machine and then start up the new version.

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In addition to the previous answer. If you’re using Docker version, follow these steps:

  1. Stop your current container
  2. Run the command docker pull metabase/metabase to update Metabase image
  3. Start a new Metabase container using the latest image (remember to delete the previous container or to use a different name for this new container to avoid conflict)

It’s important to note that to keep your previous config in Metabase, you should have pointed the Metadata to an external database, because when you stop/destroy the previous container you lose the data contained in the H2 database (native connection of Metabase).

If you need to migrate your metadata from internal H2 to an external database (such as PostgreSQL), take a look in these instructions.

Hope it helps.

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