How does filters works on Dashboard? cannot filter

Hi, i created a question, added to dashboard and want to add a filter from that response but seems filter does not work. How is this accomplished.

I renamed filter condition name to column of card and added a value, for this case the expected behavior is to just show the Calor items of Alarma

so 1,2,3 and 6 records of that table.


Is this a question from the question builder or have you built yourself in SQL?

If you built this yourself, you need to define the filter variable in the question like so:

WHERE alarma = {{alarma_type}}

Then when you add the filter to the dashboard, you select that variable in your question.

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Thanks, so the parameter is set to the SQL level (in the question) and then must have the same name in the dashboard ? will it work for different cards using the same parameter / variable name…

I will check on what you mention and get you back

Thanks :slight_smile: