How rebuild changing styling and Spanish strings?

Wich command need to run for build metabase again changing little UI styling and strings Spanish.

Hi @mgtrfelipeurrego
I don't understand. Translations are handled on POEditor:
Then those translations are downloaded before every major release and bundled in ( via the build script (

Because I want change some translation
And change for example colours of UI
I build all again and works but take a lot of time build all again

@mgtrfelipeurrego You'll have to build everything to create a JAR. Yes, it takes a while to build.

clojure -M:run

yarn build-hot

that commands is neccesarly

or only i need


@mgtrfelipeurrego That depends on if you are developing or creating a build to run. Building takes time.

2 first commands is only for developing steps, right?

@mgtrfelipeurrego Yes, ( and should absolutely never ever by used to host Metabase. Development environment are not supposed to be public in any way at all.

ok, now is understand for me, tnks, you can close this issue
tnks again