How start axe Y from the first y value of the data


I would like to start with 2,400,000 and then do it in increments of 200,000.
I would like the y axis to start from 2,400,000 then 2,600,000 ect.

There's an old ticket in Github for auto range y axis with a non zero starting point, go give that a thumbs up and we might get some movement on it Allow non-zero Y-axis auto range · Issue #7196 · metabase/metabase · GitHub

For now you can only set these min and max values manually in the chart settings > Axis > y-axis, turn off the "auto y-axis range" toggle and put your fixed limits in.

If the range of your data changes (as data tends to do in reality) then you're out of luck and you have to manually update that y-axis range.

Tick mark increments isn't configurable as far as I'm aware.

Hello, thank for your help.