How to add new map?

Hello , i wanted to add new map in choice because metabase propose only united states and world.
But i dont know why it won 't be added.
Any idea ?
I created a GeoJson file with every governorates in Tunisia.
P.S: i'm working locally and the GeoJson File is locally too.

Thank you in advance!

you have to pull the GeoJSON from a web server, it won't accept the file:// protocol

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i got your idea but can you explain to me why it shows the map?

can you post the log from the browser console, browser network log and also Metabase logs? also, which version of Metabase are you running?

logically the version of metabase is 0.38 but if you know how to verify it tell me .
Thank you !

Thanks I need the logs when you press the blue button so the error appears :slight_smile:

hello again , Apprently as you said the file should be consumed as web service . there 's not other way ? if u have a suggestion .
Thank you for your help

unfortunately not, that's the only way. Try uploading the file to any place that you can get the content via an HTTP GET (like an S3 bucket, a github repo, etc)

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