How to change metabase question sequence number

Hi all metabase expert,

I am new to metabase. Currently we are using metabase as embedded application from web and configure metabase question number sequence inside the code. Anyone know how to change or re-order the question report sequence number in metabase. I deleted some of the metabase questions from Archived folder and now metabase questions number are not in sequence. Is there anyway to reset the metabase report config in order to get started as question sequence as 1.
e.g metabase url/metabase/question/1


Hi @maymekms
If you want to reset everything, then I'll recommend setting up a new instance.
It's a lot more complicated to reset specifics, since you'll have to modify the application database, which could lead to corruption.

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Hi @flamber Thanks you very much for the suggestion. We will try to create new instance as worst case scenario. Before that May I know which table could I update for the report config in application database?

@maymekms Dashboard are stored in report_dashboard - but there are many connections to other tables.

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