How to change the site name?

I try to change the site name through the path of “admin/setting/general”, however, it doesn’t work…I need some suggestions.

Hi @onestarko
What happens when you change the name? And where do you expect to see the name change?
EDIT: Which version are you using?

Hey, when I changed the name, nothing happened…
I want to change the <head></head> content of the page
The version is v0.31.2
Thank you for your concern !

As far as I can see, the name is only included as an object inside of the javascript variable window.MetabaseBootstrap
When you change the name in settings, and then click somewhere outside of the field, then you should see small green notification in top-right corner saying “Saved”.
Can you post a screenshot of your problem?


The setting has been saved, and I want to change this name ↑

But that’s the name of the program - I’m not sure if you’re allowed to change that unless you pay for a white-label license.

Thank you very much!