How to connect events to metabase

I am running a website which is collect events and save to (HTTP API Source). this is running well, now I want to view those events in metabase.
website is running on amazon server.
so how can I connect events to metabase ?
how can I add destination as metabase in segment ?

Hi @amish.tzinfotech
You would need to make the data available in a database that Metabase supports:
You can likely use services like

means first I need to save those events(coming from my website) to some database(like MySQL) and then connect that database to metabase right ?

Yes. Metabase does currently not have a way to use as a data source directly.

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thank you for answer
can you provide any document link or video guide for how can I add metabase to amazon server.

@amish.tzinfotech AWS provides many services, so I don't know which you're using: