How to delete user personal collection?

How to delete user personal collection?

I even deactivated this particular user. But somehow if I know the link, I can still access it.

Many Thanks

Hi @eric.halim
You currently cannot delete (personal) collections. When you deactivate a user, then the collection is hidden, but the administrators will still be able to access the collection directly.

I see, ok...personally I think would be better when user deactivated then all his items / collections gets archived. I ended up manually removing his dashboards and questions manually one by one.

@eric.halim I think you're right - it's a bit more complicated, when you add pulses and alerts into the mix, but those should likely be removed/disabled as well.
We're digging into permissions overall in the upcoming 0.40 and will address a lot of inconsistencies.

@flamber wow that's great. we always grateful for any future improvements.
well done.

flamber - that's awesome!

If you are not already looking into it, one thing to look that I find a big security issue, into is that when you create a pulse (or when sharing or setting an alert on a goal) it automatically displays the list/email of all users on the system, even if they do not have the permission to view that table. I think that only the users that have permission to access the table being analyzed should be listed unless of course, full email addresses entered.

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@gatalec Completely separate issue, so let's keep those in different topics.
See this issue and related issues: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post


Will there be another exploration into permissions? I'm currently on 1.41.6, and deactivating a person's profile still doesn't archive their personal collection.


@ray You should contact support via email, when using Pro/Enterprise plan.
I've created an issue: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post