How to edit the code and the separator style of our own

i add the separator style in indian currency format (eg: 1,00,00) in the file path frontend/src/metabase/visualizations/lib/settings/column.js file...
but i select that i accepted only usd format like (eg: 100,000) comma system....

i want to change usd currency comma format (100,000,000) to indian currency comma format like lakhs and crores (10,00,000).

please help with this issues :slight_smile:

hi, modifying the frontend is not simple, have you been through the development documentation?

I clone the metabase from github and edit the column.js file from the file path: (metabase/frontend/src/metabase/visualizations/lib/settings/column.js)

i add the code like:
{ name : "1,00,000.00", value:".,,"},

and then yarn build then it was reflected in the number separator but it can take only the usd comma format (100,000.00) not indian comma format (1,00,000.00)