How to embed questions / dashboards?

Good morning everyone,

Is there another way to embed metabase-created dashboards into another web application, other than via “iframe”?

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Hi @Lourival
Which other way are you looking for, ShadowDOM?

Hi @flamber,
At a meeting, a consultant advised that Metabase dashboards could be embedded using Iframe as well as other technologies, but he did not cite. From there I wondered if there were any other ways to embed than by using Iframe.

Send an email to the consultant and ask. I would be interested to hear which other way(s) exists.

Yes, sure would be great knowledge.
Thank you @flamber.

Maybe he just mean public sharing vs embedding with JWT etc?
Both use IFRAME though.

That said, someone else on here has used some 3rd party software to take a screen grab and use the image to share across multiple screens. Good for non-interactive and easy to maintain.

I also asked at Questions w/ signed parameters, JSON output possible? but no replies.