How to embedd and sharing dashboards into a new Pulse

Could you please suggest me how to embedd and sharing my personal dashboards in metabase Pulse.

A pulse is for questions, not dashboards though you can include multiple questions.
Beyond that, what are you having problems with?


I have a requirement is that complete dashboard report in body mail
I not need to click separate open URL for open a dashboard.
so that when I send the mail to person they could see the dashboard report in mail body easily.
How it can be possible in Metabase please can you suggest me.

Best Regards

You’d need to use some external software. It would need to run on a schedule, take a copy of the dashboard image and send it in an email. Beyond my knowledge of what/how though.

There are some tools I believe. We use Apache NiFi for reporting specific tasks but we generate the data and send it in the email body. For your requirements, we have to modify it a bit I think.