How to enable HTTP/2 for embedded jetty server?

On Metabase at scale it is written that enabling HTTP/2 would be a good thing to do for running Metabase at scale.
So I would like to enable HTTP/2 - but I did not find any docs how to do it...?
Running a nginx reverse proxy with http/2 doesn't really help since it connects to Metabase via http1 and this results in serving those multiple connections via multiple http/2 connections to the client.
Looking via dev tools at the browser for loading times really makes me think that http would solve our not-so-instant dashboards.
It's still running with http and https, both version 1.1. Since we don't need plain http, it would make also sense from a security point of view to only serve with ssl.


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I've been stucked on the same. The most used of our dashboard is making up to 50 queries to the back. IT is very slow, and I've been trying to enable http2 to check if it improves performances.
IF anyone can help, it would be great!