How to get correct time period labels on breakdown filter (date_trunc and timestamps)

Hey Everyone,

Currently having an issue with filters to do with time periods and breakdowns...
What I'm trying to do is create a breakdown and time period report that my team can use.
In this case, I want to get the lessons created in the last 90 days say, broken down quarterly.
Now the issue here is that "lessons created in" label only seems to refer to the month the quarter starts. Is there a way to for it to say the time period I have set, but keeping it in its quarterly blocks
ie since I picked 90 days, the July - September quarter should say around 9 September to 30th September, but it says July 2021 which I reckon will confuse my team. Also the October - Dec Quarter should say something like 01 October to 09 Dec (today).

I think it has to do with my time period filter being outside of the breakdown filter in the data_trunc function.. but I'm not sure!

Thank you any help will be amazing

Hi @Ahmadal
That would require quite a bit of SQL sub-query to make something like that.
Alternatively not return a date at all, but just a string with some generic.
Basically Metabase does not have a way of handling this pretty in SQL questions, since it doesn't have an understanding of the trunc you're doing.