How to modify "filter parameter" from URL when accessing shared dashboard with iframe?

I have a problem to choose a filter from URL (iframe), is there a posibility to accessing a filter from the shared dashboard's URL in free account?, thank you very much

Hi @alfandinorasyid
Only the Enterprise/Pro editions has postMessage, which gives information from the iframe:

CMIIW, the solution you just described above is tricking with free account right?

@alfandinorasyid What is "CMIIW" and "tricking" and "free account"?
Metabase exists in two versions, one is free open source, the other is Enterprise (also used for Pro).

I'm sorry for misunderstanding

  • CMIIW = Correct me if I wrong
  • tricking = make a trick
  • free acount = free open source

@alfandinorasyid I don't understand your question. I linked to the Enterprise documentation.