How to move collections?

Is it possible to move collections? I can't figure it out. Drag and drop doesn't work, and the ellipsis (…) menu doesn't provide that option.

My use case: I typically develop questions and dashboards in "Your personal collection". Then, when they're ready to share more broadly, I'll "promote" them to a shared collection in "Our analytics". Since I can't just move the entire collection and its contents, the only way I see to do this currently is:

  • Create a new subfolder under "Our analytics"
  • Drag the questions/dashboards/etc. from my personal folder to the shared folder
  • Delete/archive the original folder

Hi @smurray
Since you're not posting which version you're using, it's difficult to help. "Diagnostic Info" please.

On the latest, click the collection you want to move (it cannot be Personal Collection or Our Analytics), click the Pencil-icon, click Edit Collection, select a different location and click Update.

You can also hover the icons of dashboard/question, which will allow you to select multiple and a option bar in the bottom will be shown:

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Thanks @flamber! Yes, that did it.

I neglected to say I'm using v0.40.2.