How to plot line graph of multiple values, one table?

I’m sure I’m missing something stupid simple.

I have a 2 tables InterfaceDetails and NetworkDevices. They’re joined so I can have NetworkDevices.Name in my output.

I have 14 days of data for 25 devices. I have a filter that cuts that down to 5 devices based on the name. For those 5 devices, I am filtering that to get 2 interfaces on each network device.

So I have 10 values, collected every 30 minutes with unique name and description with a “data_collected” time value.

I want to try and have 1 graph which shows the unique values of all 10, the Average and the trend. I can get the Average and Trend, but I can’t find the “plot just the individual data points also” method.

Someone care to point me at what I’m missing?

Hi @Robert.Harris
I don’t think I understand what you’re trying to do, but perhaps combining two charts is what you want?