How to setup time zone correctly?

Hi, dear Community!
I have such a case:

  1. Postgres default time zone UTC, my reporting field is created_on:

    created_on timestamp with time zone not null,

  2. OS time zone on the DB instance: UTC

  3. Metabase OS instance time zone: Asia/Hong_Kong

  4. Metabase reporting time zone setting: Asia/Hong_Kong

  5. Metabase user location: Ukraine, OS MacOS, timezone: Europe/Kiev

Case example:
Now() in Europe/Kiev 21 Oct 23:00
Now() it Asia/Hong_Kong 22 Oct 04:00
I want to select the date in calendar widget, mode on: 22 Oct and get only records from 22 Oct in Asia/Hong_Kong timezone.
I have a mix of records from 21 Oct and 22 Oct.

Help me with the proper settings, please…:roll_eyes:

Hi @fannk
Which version of Metabase?
There’s several timezone issues open, which might be the problem you’re experiencing, but there’s work being done to fix timezone issue in the upcoming version 0.34
You can see some of the issues and follow the progress here:

Hi, @flamber! Thank you for a quick reply. I’m using Metabase 0.33.4
Thanks for the link!