How to show View "All Time" by "Month" as shown in docuementation


I was checking official document here and found that there is a filter shown below chart area View "All Time" by "Month" but when I am tried to create a chart in my local setup (on version v0.37.3), I did not find an option to show similar filter/group by values.

Attaching a snapshot for more clarity, please check red marked area

in attached document and please suggest what do I need to do to enable such option ?

Hi @fti-aagrawal
Upgrade to a newer release, 0.37.3 is 9 months old. Latest release is

@flamber Thanks for your response. I will check after upgrading the version. Hopefully that solves the gap I noticed. We can probably close this issue now, If I see any issues again, I will open a fresh ticket.